Venus Fly Traps

Were all Venus Fly Traps in the world to be simultaneously replaced with lazors, what would happen? I shall attempt to come up with a semi-intelligent and quite ramblionic analysis.

One, what type of lazor? It could just be the harmless laser pointers that are, unfortunately, not in my hoard of objects, or could it be a death lazor from Unicorntropilis?

Assuming that the lazors in question are ones of  severe lethality with the ability to burn through three feet of average strength concrete, I would then have to ask if the laser is consistently on or switches on intermittedly after a brief respite, or turn on every month or so.

If the lasers were designed to mimic Venus Fly Trap behaviors, I assume it would be intermitted that would work best, though I’m not sure if any creature capable of fore-thought would fall for that (though Flies aren’t generally known for their massive brain power). Possibly the effect on more intelligent life forms would be smaller, though I am certain that the unlucky and the unintelligent would most certainly be killed.

Another topic to adress is where would it get its fuel? Seeing as I’ve already stuffed enough magic and rainbows into this theory, and that it is held together merely by spit and the general awe that a laser creates, I suppose it would be a discredit to me to throw in never-ending fuel sources, which is what I’m doing right now. So yes, they are fueled by magic.

Or the energy from the Earth’s core.

Also, a question about how it might effect the Earth from a eco-friendly green standpoint- not that much I assume, unless we start sacrificing people with large carbon-footprints to the lazors. Then it would be freaking awesome for the world.

So what is my point here?

You can figure that out yourself. I’m going to go get myself a bagel.


~ by Rantular on March 8, 2011.

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