Hello world!

Well then. Hello stalkers of the universe I suppose… Seeing as this is my first wordpress website, it might seem a bit bland and unintuitive, quite like something you would never give more than a passing glance at, but I assure you, as time goes on, this shall improve.

So, you may be struck with a few questions, which I might happen to answer, but for now, some random things running through my head.

The reason this website is dark colored is so that when you are hunched in front of the computer screen during those long sleep-deprived nights, you don’t burn your eyes out until they resemble nothing more than two blood clots.

I am a female.

This website is called Rantular because I will most likely use this for ranting and rambling, and other various things I deem to use this for.

Excessive cussing, whilst a good way to blow off steam, shalt not be used.

I hate certain people, and if you irritate me, I am sure to issue the apropriate reprimands.

So, since I am growing bored and a book lies in wait, hoping to be written, I must leave you people, and huddle within my imagination.

Until then, Rantular is gone


~ by Rantular on March 6, 2011.

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