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So. I need to write on this some more.


Oh dear

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Oh dear (yes, such an old lady-like term), it appears that I missed a post yesterday.

That might possibly be because of my overworked schedule now- last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, and in celebration of Lent, I have made a resolution to type something up for one of my books, Pinnacle (which I will insert a link to later) everyday and post something for it every other day. I had to force myself to do this as currently, writing the part of the story I’m stuck in right now is like being forced to interact with some awkward, fat, man-girl child (no offense to the fat androgynous children of the world). But not only will I talk with this awkward androgynous, but I will feed it, excersize it and generally do whatever else I must to bring the handsome, charismatic piece of story out for everyone to gawk in wonder at.

Besides murdering analogies and writing for Pinnacle, I’ve also begun writing a different book (of which I have many works-in-progress) called Running, based on the life of a runaway. I shan’t give away too much, but I can insert a link later for it. Its currently only in the beginning, where our main character Aria is trying to enroll in a school, only to be spurned by the rampant stupidity in the air.

I’ve had a friend or two look over the beginning so far and they tell me it is much more enthralling then Pinnacle, which hurts. Pinnacle is like my child-no matter how autistic and terrible I still love Pinnacle more. Running is more like a friend’s adopted child- whilst I still enjoy Running and writing for it is okay, I don’t love it as much as I love my Pinnacle.

Sides, I rather like Jarrah as aposed to Aria, not to be mistaken for Area, or Aryan. Jarrah is simplistic enough to be semi-realistic, with her issues and problems and various companions to be taken along with her. Aria is merely a misfit, semi-genius who has trouble finding somewhere safe to stay for a night (which isn’t too different from Jarrah’s situation I suppose)

So while I’m rambling about a book that’s only had around a few paragraphs written so far and comparing it to something considerably larger, I find the need to express how hungry I am at the moment. I am at school currently, in Careers class, which, unfortunately, is a complete and absolute waste of my life, having me play retarded quia games and do word searches on words that will never be brought up again and I didn’t need a word search to tell me about in the first place (might I add that in this class I’m surrounded by loud, obnoxious idiots? And the computers are slow and laggy?). Anyway, during this unimportant and boring class (which I have with eighth graders, to add to the misery) I am hungry. I won’t go so far as to say that my stomach is imploding and I am a skeleton, but I will say that hunger is gnawing at my innards, forcing me  into food hallucinations and random sugar cravings, which irritate me much.

So, instead of shatting out more comisseration, I suppose I will end with a happy note: my fans will no longer murder me for too long intermissions between story tidbits.



Venus Fly Traps

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Were all Venus Fly Traps in the world to be simultaneously replaced with lazors, what would happen? I shall attempt to come up with a semi-intelligent and quite ramblionic analysis.

One, what type of lazor? It could just be the harmless laser pointers that are, unfortunately, not in my hoard of objects, or could it be a death lazor from Unicorntropilis?

Assuming that the lazors in question are ones of  severe lethality with the ability to burn through three feet of average strength concrete, I would then have to ask if the laser is consistently on or switches on intermittedly after a brief respite, or turn on every month or so.

If the lasers were designed to mimic Venus Fly Trap behaviors, I assume it would be intermitted that would work best, though I’m not sure if any creature capable of fore-thought would fall for that (though Flies aren’t generally known for their massive brain power). Possibly the effect on more intelligent life forms would be smaller, though I am certain that the unlucky and the unintelligent would most certainly be killed.

Another topic to adress is where would it get its fuel? Seeing as I’ve already stuffed enough magic and rainbows into this theory, and that it is held together merely by spit and the general awe that a laser creates, I suppose it would be a discredit to me to throw in never-ending fuel sources, which is what I’m doing right now. So yes, they are fueled by magic.

Or the energy from the Earth’s core.

Also, a question about how it might effect the Earth from a eco-friendly green standpoint- not that much I assume, unless we start sacrificing people with large carbon-footprints to the lazors. Then it would be freaking awesome for the world.

So what is my point here?

You can figure that out yourself. I’m going to go get myself a bagel.


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Well, I know this is my second post, and I haven’t established anything near a good blog yet nor have I really posted anything, but I can’t really do anything magnificent today…

Well, for one thing, my mother is acting childish and selfish, demanding a divorce and all around making me and my brother miserable people. Then she tells us we must choose between her or my dad, keeps speaking until my little brother starts to cry, then she starts to cry (mind you, over something she created), and I’m forced to comfort both through means of hugging, fetching tissues, and orange juice.

So Rantular is not happy right now.

Hello world!

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Well then. Hello stalkers of the universe I suppose… Seeing as this is my first wordpress website, it might seem a bit bland and unintuitive, quite like something you would never give more than a passing glance at, but I assure you, as time goes on, this shall improve.

So, you may be struck with a few questions, which I might happen to answer, but for now, some random things running through my head.

The reason this website is dark colored is so that when you are hunched in front of the computer screen during those long sleep-deprived nights, you don’t burn your eyes out until they resemble nothing more than two blood clots.

I am a female.

This website is called Rantular because I will most likely use this for ranting and rambling, and other various things I deem to use this for.

Excessive cussing, whilst a good way to blow off steam, shalt not be used.

I hate certain people, and if you irritate me, I am sure to issue the apropriate reprimands.

So, since I am growing bored and a book lies in wait, hoping to be written, I must leave you people, and huddle within my imagination.

Until then, Rantular is gone